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Peter didn't sent any cards
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Characterisation of a picture

The advert targets young consumers. It is the male consumers who are mainly targeted. The design of the advert focuses on the sexiness of the product. Information (about the price e.g.) plays an inferior role. The attributes of the model in the center of the advert evoke associations of a racy, speedy, graceful vehicle (legs!). The woman's silky gloves suggest smoothness, comfort and luxury. The woman's body language evokes the illusion of an upmarked lifestyle: the consumer is supposed to buy a luxury lifestyle with this car. Every inch of the woman's attitude suggests: I'm special! (What is) The function of the puppy in the picture(?) is (-) it provides the car with characteristics which he likes: cuteness, softness, cuddliness, incense-all at the consumer's disposal. The advert suggests that nature can be ideally combined with technology. The position of the "mini" in the picture is an ironical allusion to the name of the product, it is also a cheeky appeal to people's unconscious sexual fantasies.

Gymnasium Klasse 9

So, zu dem Diktat: Es geht um eine Bildcharakterisierung und Beschreibung einer Werbereklame. (Es soll ein Mini (Auto) verkauft werden.)
BeitragVerfasst am: 05. Feb 2005 10:07    Titel: Diktat: Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

About a hundred years ago Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote lots of exciting stories and novels.

Doyle was the inventor of Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective. Together with his friend

Dr Watson, Holmes lived in a flat at 221B Baker Street, London. Holmes was over six feet tall

and so thin that he looked taller than that. His hobbies were smoking a pipe, reading and playing

the violin, but his job was looking for criminals. When he tried to find one, he watched everything

and everyone very carefully. After some time he always found the criminal because Holmes was a

real mastermind.

In his most famous case, Holmes had to go to Dartmoor in the west of England. In 1742 a

terrible dog killed Sir Hugo Baskerville. After that the Baskervilles didn’t go to the moor

at night.

Hundreds of years later, after a black dog killed Sir Charles Baskerville, the people of Baskerville

called Sir Sherlock Holmes. He was very frightened there because a terrible dog howled

loudly every night. There were scary figures and noises all over the place, too. But after

some time Holmes found out that it wasn’t a dog that killed Sir Charles Baskerville but

a man whose name was Stapleton.

Realschule Klasse 7
BeitragVerfasst am: 04. Feb 2005 21:42    Titel: Diktat: Coco


One day Jack Stone and his new friend Mike went home together. Jack wanted to show Mike Coco, his parrot. When Jack was at school he kept the bird in a big cage, but in the afternoon Coco could fly around in his room. Jack liked the bird very much, because it was so clever and learned to speak quickly. It could imitate his father's voice so that Jack's mother sometimes answered from the kitchen, because she thought it was Mr Stone. When the boys arrived at the house a police car was waiting in front of it. Two policemen were coming out. They were taking a man to the police station. "Something very strange has happened," Mrs Stone said to the boys. "The police have arrested a dangerous thief, but nobody seems to know who called them." When Jack opened the door of his room a minute later a loud voice was shouting: "Catch the thief!", and Coco was jumping around in the cage in front of the open window.

Gymnasium - Klasse 6
BeitragVerfasst am: 04. Feb 2005 21:39    Titel: Diktat: Child labour in Britain in the 19th century

Child labour in Britain in the 19th century

Between 1700 and 1830 the English industry grew very fast. England became the most important industrial country in the world. To make more money the managers of the factories and mines began to employ children and women. Unfortunately the machines in those days weren't very safe. Many of them worked with steam and the children had to climb into the machines to clean oil parts that no adult could reach. They had to work for more than twelve hours a day and sometimes they fell into the machines. For this reason most factories had a stopper. He was a kind of a guardian. He walked around the factory and awoke up the children when he saw them falling asleep at their work.

Realschule-Klasse 7
BeitragVerfasst am: 04. Feb 2005 21:37    Titel: Diktat: A visit to London Zoo

A visit to London Zoo

Today is 14th May 2002. It's Betty's birthday. Mrs Wilson invites all her friends to London Zoo. At twelve o'clock they're standing in front of the zoo. Look at all these animals: lions, elephants, penguins, monkeys, tigers,zebras, tortoises and sea lions. There's a farm with pigs and cows. "Mum, we're hungry", Betty says. "Here are some sandwiches with bacon, lettuce and tomato", Mrs Wilson answers. Everyone likes the visit to London Zoo.

Realschule-Klasse 6
BeitragVerfasst am: 04. Feb 2005 21:28    Titel: Diktat: Problems of immigrants

Problems of immigrants

In some parts of Britain there are still problems between immigrants and white people today. Here Ali Zafri from Liverpool is talking about some problems: "Like many other people from Pakistan we came to Britain in 1967. Pakistan is a poor country and the British government promised us jobs and houses. When I first came to Liverpool with my wife, I found a job in a factory. Today we've got a small shop. Life isn't always easy for Asian people. When we arrived we felt that white people didn't accept us as British, but there were lots of jobs for us in the factories. During the last ten years things have become worse. Lots of people are out of work now and some people think we steal their jobs. Some of them even hate us. Last week some white hooligans beat some Asian children in our street. Some of my friends are returning to Pakistan because they don't feel safe in Britain now, but I've decided to stay because Liverpool has become my home.

Realschule-Klasse 7
BeitragVerfasst am: 04. Feb 2005 21:26    Titel: Diktat: Around Chester

Around Chester

At school on Tuesday Jane talked to her friends. She had this brilliant idea for a very special trip around Chester with Mrs White. But not on Thursday, because Susan always helps her mum with the shopping. On Fridays Jane usually goes to the swimming pool. But on Saturday at two o'clock they were all there. The children had a street map and showed Mrs White where they were. Then they turned right at the cathedral, went up onto the city walls and went straight on. Suddenly there was a man in front of them. I am a Roman soldier and I speak Latin. We Romans were here in Deva two-thousand years ago. But we didn't like it. It was cold and it often rained.

Realschule-Klasse 6
BeitragVerfasst am: 04. Feb 2005 21:22    Titel: Diktat: Shopping


The Wilsons are shopping in Oxford today. Mrs Wilson needs a new dress, a blouse and a pair of sandals. Mr Wilson wants to buy a pair of black shoes. Carol needs a pair of blue jeans and a swimsuit. But where is Richard? He is trying on a white shirt at the moment. Oh, look, it's the wrong way round. After all Mr Wilson pays for everything. Then they drive back to London.

Realschule-Klasse 6
BeitragVerfasst am: 04. Feb 2005 21:20    Titel: Diktat: Back at school : let's talk about the holidays

Back at school: let's talk about the holidays

Where were they? The teacher was in Scotland in the mountains, that was
great. The weather was super.

But where were the children? Tom was with his cousins in Berlin. Jack and
Linda were in the sun. Their faces are very brown now because it was really
hot in Spain. They were at a hotel near the beach. There was a fantastic
swimming pool, too. Susan was in Cornwall with her mum and her sister. It
was rainy, windy, cold and very cloudy. The trip to Oxford on Saturday was
terrible. The third day they went surfing. It looked easy, but they went

Realschule-Klasse 7
BeitragVerfasst am: 04. Feb 2005 21:18    Titel: Diktat: Moving to another city

Moving to another city

Tommy and his family have just moved from London to Manchester. His father has found a new job at a factory. Tommy likes their new house. It's bigger than the flat they had in London and it has got a garden, too. Today is the first day of school. Tommy mustn't be late.

At a quarter to nine Tommy arrived at his new school. He went to the school office where the secretary gave him his timetable. His first lesson was English in room 107. But he didn't know where to go. He felt very lost. He walked down the corridor then right down the stairs.

Room 107 is opposite the assembly hall.

Realschule-Klasse 7
BeitragVerfasst am: 04. Feb 2005 21:14    Titel: Diktat: Accident in Oxford Street

Accident in Oxford Street

There was an accident in Oxford Street, London last evening. Mr Tom Clark of Paddington Road crashed into another car in his black Ford. His friend Kevin was in the car with him. It was raining very hard. Mr Clark had to brake because suddenly a young boy ran across the street.
Mrs Baker who was in Oxford Street at that time called the police and ambulance. They were lucky. Nobody was seriously injured.

Gymnasium 6. Klasse
BeitragVerfasst am: 04. Feb 2005 21:10    Titel: Diktat: The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge

For more than fifty years now, San Francisco has had its Golden Gate Bridge. As the Statue of Liberty is for New York it's the city's landmark in the same way. Many engineers and architects called the construction of the bridge a war against nature. Due to Joseph B. Strauss the construction work was finished within three years. Strauss invested all his technical knowledge to complete the bridge with its main span of 4,200 feet. But before he could start his work many courtroom battles had to be fought. The Southern Pacific Railway Company strongly opposed the plans because it ran the ferry across the Golden Gate Bay. Further there were problems with financing the project and hurricanes destroyed the scaffolding.

In May 1937 Strauss took part in the opening ceremony when thousands of black limousines crossed the bridge for the first time. Just a few months later he died.

BeitragVerfasst am: 04. Feb 2005 21:07    Titel: Diktat: Loch Ness

Loch Ness

Loch Ness is in the Highlands of Scotland. It is more than 2 kilometres wide and 39 kilometres long. A lot of the loch is about 220 meters deep. However, in some places it is over 300 meters deep. The loch is famous for its monster whose name is "Nessie". There are early monster stories which are over 1,300 years old. In 565, for example, Saint Columba met a water monster in the River Ness. Later, in 1933, a newspaper wrote about "the Loch Ness Monster" and the name stayed. There are many photographs of Nessie, a monster with a long neck and a hump.

Realschule-7. Klasse
BeitragVerfasst am: 04. Feb 2005 21:00    Titel: Diktat: Mount McKinley

Mount McKinley

Denali National Park is situated in Alaska, on the Northern edge of the American continent. It has over 3,000 square miles of natural beauty, plenty of wildlife, wide rivers and towering mountains. Mount McKinley is one of American's highest peak which stands 20,320 feet above sea level. The whole year its upper third is covered in ice and snow.

Clouds permitting you can get your first view of the mountain nine miles from the park entrance. Often it envelopes itself in fog.

Mount McKInley was called after a man who had never been to Alaska in his life. In 1897 William McKinley had been nominated for the U.S. Presidency. This was just at the time when the first report about this giant mountain was published in a New York newspaper. The author of this article named it after the Republican candidate McKinley who finally won the election.

But the Eskimos and Indians of Alaska called it Denali. They were very disappointed. In December 1980 the park around the mountain finally got its appropriate native name,
the Denali National Park.

8. Klasse Gymnasium
BeitragVerfasst am: 04. Feb 2005 20:55    Titel: Diktat: About two American families

About two American families

Here are two families, the Carters and the Clarks. Mr and Mrs Carter are teachers. Mr Carter teaches History* and Geography*, Mrs Carter teaches German and Biology. They've got a daughter and a son. Cindy Carter is nearly twelve, her little brother Robin is eight.

The Clarks live near the Carters. They've got one son. His name is Mike. Cindy and Mike are in the same class at school. They often play chess together. Is Robin Mike's friend, too? No, he isn't. Robin's friend is Timmy, a budgie.

*die Schulfächer hier als Großschreibung

6./7. Klasse-Realschule
BeitragVerfasst am: 04. Feb 2005 20:51    Titel: Diktat: Penfriends


Rick would like to write to somebody of his own age in Germany. A month ago he wrote to a magazine with all his hobbies: playing football, riding on his bike, playing the guitar and watching car races on TV. His letter was printed and a few boys and girls have written to him. One boy says that although he is frightened of flying he flies to Canada every summer with his family and goes climbing in the Rocky Mountains. He enjoys windsurfing, playing tennis and reading comics in his spare time.

Realschule-7. Klasse
BeitragVerfasst am: 04. Feb 2005 20:49    Titel: Diktat: At the sea

At the sea

Peter's family went on holiday last July. They went by plane to the sea. Peter and his sister were very excited.
Susan wanted to build a castle out of sand, so they built a lovely castle. They also went swimming, and Peter rode on his dad's back in the water. Susan sent postcards to her best friend Kate. Peter didn't send any cards, but he wrote in his diary. He wrote: On Thursday we got up very early, an hour before Dad and Mum. We had breakfast without them. At the beach Susan got some sand in her eyes and she still can't see very well.

Realschule-6. Klasse
BeitragVerfasst am: 04. Feb 2005 20:47    Titel: Diktat: A city in England

A city in England

Leeds is a city in England. Kate, Bill, Kevin and Linda are in the same form. The kids in 6CH are great and Mr Baker is a very nice teacher. He is new in Leeds. Kevin is from Bradford, a village near Leeds. His father is from Hamburg. But Kevin is British, but his father is German.

BeitragVerfasst am: 04. Feb 2005 20:44    Titel: Diktat: At the weekend

At the weekend

The Wilsons have got a nice house with a garage for two cars and a small garden. They've got two living rooms, four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Ronny has got a bed, a bookshelf and a cupboard in his room. He has got a computer on his desk.

Now it's Saturday morning and Ronny is playing a new computer game. Linda and Peggy are packing for their weekend with their dad. Mrs Smith is listening to the radio and tidying up the house. Mr Miller is helping his wife in the kitchen. They're making dinner.

Realschule-5. Klasse
BeitragVerfasst am: 04. Feb 2005 20:42    Titel: Diktat: Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam

My Uncle Sam doesn’t live in the town. Uncle Sam lives in the country. He is a farmer. Every morning he gets up
at five o’clock. Before my uncle works in the fields he milks the cows in the cowshed. Uncle Sam has got lots of animals: chickens, pigs, horses, sheep, two cats and a dog. In the evenings he is always very tired. He already goes to bed at nine o’clock.

Gymnasium 5. Klasse
BeitragVerfasst am: 04. Feb 2005 20:36    Titel: Diktate

@Thomas: wie ich dir schon mittgeteilt habe, besitze ich einige Exemplare von meiner Tochter, meines Neffen und meiner beiden Nachhilfeschülerinnen.

Es sind Diktate der Klasse 5, 7 und 8 für Realschule und Gymnasium.
Ich werde zum jeweiligen Post die Klassenstufe/Schulart dazu vermerken.

@ all: stöbert mal in euern Unterlagen smile smile smile

btw: Wer Fragen hat und einen Fehler entdeckt, bitte im Off Topic Forum unter Diktate antworten. THX. smile

LG Ulli Wink
BeitragVerfasst am: 04. Feb 2005 18:59    Titel: Diktate-Sammlung

Hier werden Englisch-Diktate gesammelt, damit ihr Texte zum Einüben habt.

Falls ihr Diktate beitragen wollt, schreibt diese einfach per Privater Nachricht an Ulli. Vielen Dank.


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