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Meine Frage:
Hi, ich habe vor demnächst an der Universität Maastricht im Bachelor "Digital Society" zu studieren. Gerne bitte mal die Formalitäten sowie die Grammatik checken. Danke!

Meine Ideen:
Dear Madam or Sir,
My name is Kornelius Koch and I am writing to express my interest in applying for your bachelor programme of "Digital Society" starting in September 2022 at Maastricht University.
Since my youth, I have always been fascinated by technology and the impact it has on our society, and also on scientific facts. I have also been interested in how digitalisation affects society for a long time. Thanks to the knowledge I gained in my English advanced course at Lise Meitner-Gymnasium in Willich where I learned to what extent Industry 4.0 affects the labour market, elections and the economy.

I heard from acquaintances that your university is the 9th best young and new-fangled university in the world. Especially the group-oriented and project-based way of studying practised at your university convinces me a lot. Furthermore I like the international environment that makes up the university and as I plan to work in an international environment in the future, this plays a very important role for me.

The rapid pace of technological development is testing society in my opinion. I want to learn how digitalisation affects social interaction, culture and politics. For me, this subject is a new and fascinating field. It convinces me very much because it is shaping the young generation in particular and younger generations are now growing up with intelligent algorithms.

In the future, I would like to work in the field of journalism. However, I could also imagine working as a strategic social media consultant. Since the subject offers a wide range of career opportunities and is very future-oriented, I think it will help me to establish myself in these career areas.

It would be an honor to further pursue my passion at Maastricht University. Thank you for considering my application.

With best regards Kornelius Koch

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